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New for 2014 we are offering students in Pathways Y or Z the opportunity to take the OCR Cambridge Nationals Award in Creative iMedia.

Digital Media plays an important part in many areas of our everyday lives and is also an important part of the UK economy. There is a demand from employers for an increasingly skilled and technically literate workforce as more and more media products are produced digitally. Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia provide students with specific and transferable skills and a solid foundation in understanding and applying this subject, whether it is in employment or higher education.

Students will work towards the Award which is the equivalent to a GCSE short course.  It consists of two units.

R081 – Pre-production Skills

Planning is an essential part of working in the creative and digital media sector. This unit will enable students to understand pre-production skills and techniques used in the sector, as well as gain the knowledge and skills to create digital media products and explore their application. It will also develop their understanding of the client brief, time frames, deadlines and preparation techniques that form part of the planning and creation process. Content includes:

  • Understanding the purpose and content of pre-production
  • Being able to plan pre-production
  • Being able to produce and review pre-production documents.

This is assessed via a 1 hour 15 minute exam.

R082 – Creating Digital Graphics

Digital graphics feature in many areas of our lives, and play a very important part in today’s world. The digital media sector relies heavily on these visual stimulants within products to communicate messages effectively. The aim of this unit is for students to understand the basics of digital graphics editing for the creative and digital media sector. This unit builds on Unit R081.

Content includes:

  • Understanding the purpose and properties of digital graphics and knowing where and how they are used
  • Being able to plan the creation of a digital graphic
  • Having the knowledge to create new digital graphics, using a range of editing techniques
  • Being able to review a digital graphic against a specific brief.

This unit is assessed by controlled assessment during class time.

This is a new offering from the ICT department and we will be working closely with the Media Studies department to deliver this course.  Students are welcome to take Media Studies GCSE with this option and they will find significant skills crossover.

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