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DiDA is the Diploma in Digital Applications from the Edexcel exam board.   As Edexcel are withdrawing DiDA in its current form we will no longer be teaching this course beyond June 2014.

A full DiDA consists of 4 units and each unit is the equivalent of 1 GCSE.  For all units, the exam board issue a Summative Project Brief or SPB which all students follow.  Students create a electronic portfolio using Adobe Dreamweaver and present all their work through that.  It is examined entirely on-screen with no exams at the end.

DiDA is now available as a single option and we expect pupils opting for this to complete a CiDA+ (Extended Certificate in Digital Communications).  From Autumn 2011 onwards all students in year 10 who have not opted for DiDA will do AiDA (Award in Digital Communications) following the SPB for Unit 1 – Using ICT.  This is the equivalent to one full-course GCSE.

All students would start with Unit 1 – Using ICT.  This would include work on databases and spreadsheets as well as creating slideshows and printed documents.  Previous SPB topics have included “Out & About” where a set of products was created for a group of students visiting the local area from another country, and “Think Click” about e-safety.

Most of year 11 students are working on the “Trade Fairly” SPB looking at fair trade.  Level 2 (higher tier) students use this SPBLevel 1 (foundation tier) students use this SPB.

Following this most students will work on Unit 3 – Graphics.  This is a varied unit and students learn some advanced computer graphics techniques including digital photography.  Previous topics  include “On Your Marks” which required students to create designs for medals and running vests for a sports tournament.  Year 11 option students are working on the Take It Away SPB designing graphic products for a new healthy takeaway shop.

Finally we do the Game Authoring unit where students have to design, build and test a computer game for a specific audience.

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