Key Stage 3 Homework

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Homework for ICT does not always require the use of a computer. If it does, ICT rooms are open at lunchtimes from 1:10 to 1:40 for pupils to complete work if they cannot complete it at home.

The homework information provided below is subject to change if we have to move modules around during the year.

Year 7

Autumn Term

Completing research on topic of sustainability – FOCUS – using key words for internet searches.

Using Code Avengers website to practice HTML and CSS skills – FOCUS – self-motivated learning & skills.

Spring Term

Adding 15 films, games or books to a data capture form ready to add to student’s own database in school – FOCUS – selecting and recording data accurately.

Summer Term

Testing Interactive Fiction games online & completing own game if desired – FOCUS – reading game text and self-motivated learning / problem solving.

Year 8

Autumn Term

Internet research computing terms – FOCUS – use of key words and advanced search.

Travel article planning sheet – FOCUS – writing for an audience and key word searching.

Spring Term

Using Code Avengers website to revise HTML and CSS skills – FOCUS – self-motivated learning & skills.

Summer Term

Spreadsheet homework task – FOCUS – revise spreadsheet key terms.

Year 9

As year 9 students are working on controlled assessment, there is a limit to the amount of homework they can be given.

Autumn Term

Collect examples of small magazine adverts & evaluate – FOCUS – generating ideas for own advert.

Create a list of 15 – 20 kids films with a mix of recent and older films – FOCUS – list for the survey in class.

Spring Term

No set homework this term but pupils will be expected to complete work to deadlines and come in at lunchtime or after school if incomplete.

Summer Term

Deciding topic for Welsh Bacc invidivual investigation.



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