OCR Nationals in ICT – Level 3

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OCR Nationals in ICT The aim of this course is to “Develop students skills, knowledge and understanding in contexts that are directly relevant to employment situations, thereby enhancing their employability within the Information and Communication Technology sector”.

Students opting for OCR Nationals ICT will study towards the Level 3 Certificate.  This is a one option column subject and is “worth” the same as 1 A-Level in terms of UCAS points.  A Distinction is 120 UCAS points (grade A equivalent), a Merit is 80 UCAS  points (grade C equivalent)and a Pass is 40 UCAS  points (grade E equivalent).

The course is assessed continuously via coursework with no exam.

This is a 2 year course.  If students drop-out at the end of year 12 there is no “AS” style qualification.

Year 12

In year 12 students will study the 4 core units: 1 – Digital Business Communication, 2 – Collaborative Working, 3 – Problem Solving and 4 – Creating a Digital Showcase.

Year 13

In year 13 students will do 2 units and will be given some choice.  We anticipate at the moment that students will be able to choose from the following:

  • Unit 5: Advanced spreadsheets
  • Unit 6: Advanced databases
  • Unit 7: Desktop publishing
  • Unit 8: Career planning for ICT
  • Unit 9: Work experience for ICT
  • Unit 10: Digital Imaging & Photography
  • Unit 11: Digital Video
  • Unit 12: Digital Audio
  • Unit 13: Music Technology
  • Unit 20: Web authoring
  • Unit 21: Hosting & managing websites
  • Unit 22: Databases for e-commerce
  • Unit 23: Web security and regulations
  • Unit 24: Internet past, present & future
  • Unit 25: Scripting & coding for websites
  • Unit 26: Project management.

The units offered are at the discretion of the staff teaching this course in year 13 although every effort will be made to accommodate individual student requirements.

For further information please contact Miss Bunce, Mrs Davey, Mr Muscat or Mr Speight.

Alternatively see the OCR website:



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