Year 7 HTML Skills

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Click to visit the Thimble website

Year 7 have been learning some HTML coding skills this week using the Mozilla Thimble website.  If you enjoyed using this site and would like to do some more at home the link to the site is on the right.

We used the Awesome Animal Builder project but there are loads of other projects on the site you can use to learn new skills.


Click to visit Code Avengers

Year 7 pupils will all be registered on the Code Avengers website.  For homework you need to log in (username = FirstnameSurname take note of capital letters and there are no spaces) and the password = pass1234.  You can change the password yourself.

Click on the HTML/CSS level 1 course and do Lesson 1.  Your teacher will set you 1 lesson a week for homework and will be able to track your progress.  If you want you can carry on and do more!

Technical Issues

Both these sites should work OK on later versions of Internet Explorer but work best in the latest versions of Google Chrome (download) or Mozilla Firefox (download).  Both are free to download.


If you get stuck, or don’t have a computer with internet access at home you can do your homework in room 1 at lunchtimes on a Tuesday or Thursday.


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