Making Avatars

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Year 7 have been finding out how to stay safe online.  One of the things we have looked at in lessons is how to be honest and truthful online, but without uploading photos of yourself.  Sometimes it’s a good idea to create an avatar – a picture that looks like you (so you’re not lying) but it’s not a photo.  Remember that when you put a photo online you lose control of it.  Someone could copy that photo and send it to whoever they want!

Here are some sites I have used to create Avatars of myself!


Pickaface is probably the most realistic site I found – it doesn’t work in Internet Explorer but OK if you have a different browser such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

Picasso Head

Picasso Head is a great site for art lovers that allows you to create an avatar in the style of the famous artist Picasso. It’s not very realistic but quite fun. You have to print screen this into Paint and crop it to save the picture.


Manga is quite fun although less realistic. You’ll have to print-screen the avatar into a program such as Paint and crop it to save the image.


Doppleme isn’t so nice in my opinion but it’s really easy to use!

For more copyright-free avatar sites – have a look at this page.

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