Key Stage 3 Homework

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Homework for ICT does not always require the use of a computer. If it does, ICT rooms are open at lunchtimes from 1:10 to 1:40 for pupils to complete work if they cannot complete it at home.

The homework information provided below is subject to change if we have to move modules around during the year.

Year 7

Autumn Term

Completing research on topic of sustainability – FOCUS – using key words for internet searches.

Using Code Avengers website to practice HTML and CSS skills – FOCUS – self-motivated learning & skills.

Spring Term

Adding 15 films, games or books to a data capture form ready to add to student’s own database in school – FOCUS – selecting and recording data accurately.

Summer Term

Testing Interactive Fiction games online & completing own game if desired – FOCUS – reading game text and self-motivated learning / problem solving.

Year 8

Autumn Term

Internet research computing terms – FOCUS – use of key words and advanced search.

Travel article planning sheet – FOCUS – writing for an audience and key word searching.

Spring Term

Using Code Avengers website to revise HTML and CSS skills – FOCUS – self-motivated learning & skills.

Summer Term

Spreadsheet homework task – FOCUS – revise spreadsheet key terms.

Year 9

As year 9 students are working on controlled assessment, there is a limit to the amount of homework they can be given.

Autumn Term

Collect examples of small magazine adverts & evaluate – FOCUS – generating ideas for own advert.

Create a list of 15 – 20 kids films with a mix of recent and older films – FOCUS – list for the survey in class.

Spring Term

No set homework this term but pupils will be expected to complete work to deadlines and come in at lunchtime or after school if incomplete.

Summer Term

Deciding topic for Welsh Bacc invidivual investigation.



Links for Year 7 Sustainability Research

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Links for year 7 sustainability work. These images link to sites which are hopefully a little easier to understand than some of the more scientific sites on the internet. You don’t HAVE to use these though. If you want to look on other sites, it’s often a useful tip to type “kids” after the word you are searching for.  If you do that they you get sites aimed at kids! Also try Simple Wikipedia for simpler explanations of some of the topics.

bees deforestation desert drought
fairtrade forestfires globalwarming hybridcars
hydro organic overfishing overpopulation
pollution recycling sea solarpower
species water weather product_design
windpower Simple Wikipedia


E3 Clubs in ICT Autumn 2013

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Two E3 clubs are running this term.  On Monday in room 1, Miss Bunce is running the Robotics club which will start with Lego Mindstorms then move on to Raspberry Pi and Arduino robots.

On Thursdays, Technocamps are coming in to run the Technoclub, creating Xbox games with Kodu.

Robotics Club starts with huge enthusiasm!

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The Robotics club started today when Steve from Technocamps arrived with the Lego Mindstorm kit that is being loaned to the school.

The competition being run by Technocamps this year, asks groups of students to design and build a robot to perform a specific task to help the environment in the future.

As well as the Lego kit we will try to use a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino kit to create a robot.

This week students focussed on building a prototype robot and researching some ideas for creating the robot next time.

If you are interested in joining in the fun please come and see Miss Bunce in room 1.



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After Easter we will be running a Technoclub as part of E3+ in conjunction with Technocamps.  Staff from Technocamps at the University of Glamorgan will run the session on Thursdays after school from  3:15 to 5:15.  Sign-up will be as normal with E3+.

The first few weeks will focus on Kodu x-box games programming then after that they will tailor the sessions towards other technologies you want to have a go at!


Raspberry Pi Computing – take it home!

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raspberry piThe IT department is really excited about the 10 new Raspberry Pi computers we have in school.  However the plan is not to use them a great deal in lessons but to lend them out to students (and staff!) to take home and experiment with!

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that can do anything your laptop can do – and more.  Learn some programming, try out some hardware hacking projects.  We’ve got full kits to lend to people.

If you’d like to find out more come along to Room 1 on Monday lunchtimes.


Robotics Club with Lego Mindstorms

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We’re delighted that Technocamps will be lending Y Pant a full Lego Mindstorm robotics kit for their upcoming competition!  The club to develop a robot for the competition will run on Mondays after school and will be open to anyone in years 7, 8 and 9. The aim of the competition is to create a robot that can do something to help people.

The competition can be developed using any device and the Lego kit is just one.  We have Raspberry Pi computers in school too and will be looking into Arduino devices as well.  The school can enter different teams into the competition but to make sure we have nice balanced teams – every team MUST have at least 1 girl and at least 1 boy.

The first session will be after school in room 1 on Monday 18th March but come and see Miss Bunce any time beforehand to register your interest.  You can either come along and register as a team OR come along by yourself and we’ll help you find a team.


Resources for More Able & Talented Students

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The websites listed below may be useful for parents of students who are More Able and Talented in ICT / Computing.  They will also be of interest to may others!

Free Downloads / Tutorials for Programming / Computational Thinking

Microsoft Kodu Gamelab develop Xbox games on your computer and challenge your friends.  Newly launched is the Kodu Kup – a competition for 7 to 14 year olds.

Greenfoot Java Programming a visual environment for learning Java developed at the University of Kent

Scratch Programming & Game Making (used in year 8 scheme of work) developed by MIT Scratch is often used with primary children but can be used to develop much more complex projects particularly with the offshoot Build Your Own Blocks

Quest Text Adventure Games (used in year 7 scheme of work)

MIT App Inventor develop Apps for your Android phone.  If you also download the Android app you can sync your app wirelessly to your phone.  If not there is an emulator on the site.  Lots of great tutorials.

Python (programming language – used in GCSE computing)

Codecademy – online tutorial site.  Learn JavaScript / HTML / Python & more – used in GCSE computing.

Codeavengers – online tutorial site. Learn HTML & JavaScript.  We use this in year 7.

W3 Schools – a great site with lots of very small online tutorials to learn specific HTML, CSS or JavaScript features

Competitions / Events etc.

Young Rewired State a superb week-long event in the summer holidays.  Students get to spend 5 days at a business or university with like-minded people learning how to create an app or website using open data.  It finishes with a 2 day festival of code in Birmingham.

Technocamps – a Welsh project that provides free workshops to young people on programming, robotics, game design, app development and much more.  They often run free workshops at the University of Glamorgan during the holidays.

Animation 13 – UK schools animation competition run by the University of Manchester.  Uses Scratch, Flash etc.

Think Quest – an international competition from Oracle which challenges students to solve real-world problems using technology.


Raspberry Pi a £22 computer running Linex designed expressly to encourage children to program.  We hope to get some in school soon! They’ve been enormously popular since being launched in February 2012 and are made just down the road in Sony Pencoed.  They have GPIO pins to expand computing out to electronics and robotics projects.

Arduino an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments. A kit retails for about £40.


Computing At School is a grass roots organisation that aims to promote the teaching of Computing at school. CAS is a collaborative partner with the BCS through the BCS Academy of Computing, and has formal support from other industry partners.  Miss Bunce is the local Hub leader for CAS.  Parents may find additional support by joining CAS.

Year 7’s Awesome Animals

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Year 7 have started using Mozilla Thimble as part of their HTML scheme of work.  Here are some of the pages they built today!  Click the images to see the pages.  Have a go yourself.

Lizzie made a Numlenodon

Kieran made a Dolphchiamel

Caitlin made a Solenbatrabbit

Year 7 HTML Skills

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Click to visit the Thimble website

Year 7 have been learning some HTML coding skills this week using the Mozilla Thimble website.  If you enjoyed using this site and would like to do some more at home the link to the site is on the right.

We used the Awesome Animal Builder project but there are loads of other projects on the site you can use to learn new skills.


Click to visit Code Avengers

Year 7 pupils will all be registered on the Code Avengers website.  For homework you need to log in (username = FirstnameSurname take note of capital letters and there are no spaces) and the password = pass1234.  You can change the password yourself.

Click on the HTML/CSS level 1 course and do Lesson 1.  Your teacher will set you 1 lesson a week for homework and will be able to track your progress.  If you want you can carry on and do more!

Technical Issues

Both these sites should work OK on later versions of Internet Explorer but work best in the latest versions of Google Chrome (download) or Mozilla Firefox (download).  Both are free to download.


If you get stuck, or don’t have a computer with internet access at home you can do your homework in room 1 at lunchtimes on a Tuesday or Thursday.